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Choose you, now is your time to thrive

Revolutionise your life and thrive:
A workshop for mums who are tired of feeling stressed and anxious

Somewhere along the path of motherhood you begin to believe that to be good Mum you must always put your kids first and that you must create an optimal environment for your family to thrive.  All you want in life is to have a happy, healthy and thriving family though you often forget that to achieve this you need to be thriving also.

Are you tired of always feeling so overwhelmed and not having enough time to live life the way you want to?

Do your feelings of stress and anxiety stop you from being the Mum you truly want to be for your kids? 

Are you constantly exhausted by the never-ending responsibilities of raising kids, working and running a household?

At the end of each day do you find yourself getting cranky at everyone and not really enjoying your time as a family?

How you are feeling is not your fault but is your responsibility to do something about it. You may resist taking action to make the changes needed in your life because you think it means having to do more and you simply don’t have any more time in the day.  But looking after your own wellbeing doesn’t always have to mean doing more.  You can actually do less and achieve so much more in your life by doing so. The first step towards creating real and lasting change is by getting honest with yourself and admitting that things need to change. You can’t keep doing the same things day in and day out and expecting things to be any different from how they are right now.

Are you ready to stop trying to be it all and do it all at the detriment of your own wellbeing?  It is time to make a stand and admit that you have had enough of:

  • Managing everyone’s else feelings and avoiding your own
  • Trying so hard to fit it all in
  • Feeling guilty for getting cranky and frustrated at your family members
  • Putting everyone’s needs before your own
  • Not keeping your promises and letting yourself down
  • Feeling like you are not good enough or capable of more
  • Worrying about what others think of you
  • Allowing others to ignore your boundaries
  • Feeling guilty about taking time out for yourself
  • Having to hide the way you are feeling
  • Avoiding unwanted feelings with unhealthy habits


Maybe you have tried to make changes before and had all these great plans to create new habits but gave up when it got too uncomfortable or when other stuff got in the way.

Maybe you have read all the self-help books, done the yoga retreat and dipped your toe into many different strategies to improve your wellbeing but never remained consistent.

You can continue to put band aids over the pain, push it away, or you can finally say enough is enough and fully commit to taking back control of the way you feel and how you live your life.

Enough of putting it off or waiting for the right time.  THE TIME IS NOW!

Do you dream of having more time to yourself without the guilt?

Do you wish that you had more confidence to ask for your needs to be met?

Do you want to feel less stressed and anxious so you have more time to really enjoy your life and the time you have with your family?

It is time to focus on your own wellbeing, to add yourself to your long to do list, and give yourself the space to clear your mind and focus on what really matters to you.

The wait is over! This is your chance to get back in control of your life.


Now is your time to thrive!