Taking Control of Anxiety: An empowering Workshop for Children

Workshop Details

“My favourite thing about the workshop was everything. I learnt how to control anxiety.”

MM, 12 years

“I wouldn’t change anything about the workshop because it was perfect and amazing. I learnt how to be safe and to get anxiety away from the driver seat.”

EW, 9 years

“The Taking Control of Anxiety Workshop and the parent information session that follows is life saving for parents and children. It helps you to understand what your child is going through and how to help them with what they have learnt in the workshop. Lena teaches in a way that everyone can understand, is hands on and age appropriate. The workshop has definitely been a game changer for my child and I see her use the things she was taught all the time. I’d recommend all of her workshops for boys and girls of all ages.”

Karen, Mum of attendee

Just hearing the word anxiety can cause hearts to race and tummies to rumble. But anxiety is just a feeling, like other feelings it comes and goes. The tricky thing about anxiety is that sometimes it can stick like glue. It can take hold of your child’s life (and inevitably yours) and become the cause of all sorts of chaos. Anxiety can feel like fighting a never-ending battle which leaves both children and parents feeling powerless to break free from its hold.

If your child is experiencing anxious feelings (big or small) this workshop will help them learn that they have the power within them to become unstuck. They will be empowered to take control and break free from the hold anxiety has on them.

This empowering workshop will give children (8-13 years) practical skills to take control over their anxious thoughts and empower them to make positive changes in their lives by:  

  • Normalise anxious feelings: Children will learn that anxiety is a normal feelings that everyone experiences at times and that there are helpful levels of anxiety and unhelpful.
  • Develop emotional intelligence: Children will gain an understanding of how anxiety is the brains natural responses to danger and how this is triggered in the brain.
  • Build self-awareness: Children will reflect on their own anxious thoughts, feelings and behaviours and identify helpful and unhelpful ways of dealing with them. They will also explore how anxiety presents in their body.
  • Improve self-regulation skills: Children will learn practical skills and strategies to regulate their anxious feelings and behaviour in helpful ways in different situations. They also learn how to put these skills into action.
  • Build confidence and resilience: Children will develop the mindset that they can take more control over their anxious thoughts, feelings and behaviour with a little bit of practice. They will also feel empowered to take control and not allow anxious feelings get in the way of them living their life to the full.

Free parent information session

The workshop will be followed by a free parent information session. This session will provide a summary of the workshop content and provide helpful insights and practical strategies for how you can support your child to manage their anxious thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Workshop facilitator: Lena Redman

The Founder of The Resilience Revolution and workshop facilitator, Lena Redman is a registered teacher and school guidance counsellor.  Lena has over 16 years’ experience working with children and youth in schools and has firsthand knowledge and expertise with mental health and wellbeing matters.  Empowering people to believe in their ability to face life challenges and become more resilient is Lena’s passion. Lena creates highly engaging, practical and results focused workshops.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The workshop is suitable for all children who are 8-13 years old.

Parents are asked to come in to meet Lena and sign their child into the workshop. All children will need to be signed in and out on the day by an adult. However, parents are not able to stay for the workshop as we find that children engage much better this way.

All parents of attendees are welcome to attend a free parent information session following the workshop from 2.30-3pm.  At this time children will be involved in a supervised activity close by.

Packed lunch and afternoon tea (fridge at venue), full water bottle, hat

Tickets are not refundable but can be transferred to another child by making contact with Lena.

The Resilience Revolution currently offers workshops in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast and Murgon. Please send Lena an email expressing your interest for workshops to be held in other locations.

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The Resilience Revolution can come to you.  Host your very own workshop at a location of your choice. You organise the venue and we will do the rest. Minimum numbers apply. Contact Lena for more details.